Alex Latotzky

Claude os, aperi oculo

Translation service of the German Embassy in Moscow:

Military Attorney of the Russian Federation
per. Cholsunowa 14 Moscow, Russia, K-160

date: 30.06.03

Nr. 7ud-124-95

Certification of Rehabilitation

The German citizen Alexander Latotzki was born on April 18th 1948 in Special Camp No.1 of the Ministry of State Security of the USSR in Bautzen, Germany and is of German nationality.

 The mother of Alexander Latotzki, the German citizen Ursula Susanna Hofmann was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by the Soviet military Tribunal of the 9th Mobile Division on charges of spying. She was to be detained in a hard labour camp and her property was to be confiscated.

On April 7th 1995 Ursula Susanna Hofmann was rehabilitated by the Military Attorney of the Russian Federation.

While serving her sentence, Ursula Susanna Hofmann gave birth to a son Alexander Latotzki, who lived together with the mother in prison.

Due to the fact that he lived with his mother in prison and that she had been arrested for political reasons and because he was a minor and without her care, Alexander Latotzki has been rehabilitated according to Article 1.1 of the Laws of the Russian Federation of October 18, 1991 and recognized as a victim of political repression.

Chief Secretary of the Office for Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression of the Military Attorney of the Russian Federation

BA No. 054185

Seal and signature A. A. Tschitschuga

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